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Needle Exchange Program Essay

The needle exchange program provides sterile needles in exchange for used dirty needles. Research has stated that with a program in place will reduce HIV and hepatitis C. The program will provide counseling and help educate the drug users. I am against the needle exchange program. The needle exchange program supports drug users in giving sterile needles. Needle exchange program’s are telling our children it is acceptable to use drugs because the government will supply clean needles. The legislation should not support the needle exchange program. The program will send the wrong message to our children if legislation in which to fund such a program. The exchange will use our tax dollars and will increase the amount of drug paraphernalia. If the legislation were to support a program, it will change the morals of our country. The pros of the program are the cost-effective way to reduce needle sharing among drug addicts. This program will help user’s obtain drug treatment, detox, and some health screening. The users will receive HIV education and counseling for their addiction. The disadvantages of the needle exchange program are more significant then having the program. The program would allow tax dollars to fund such a program. The tax dollars can be used for other programs. The program would increase drug paraphernalia in areas in which it is already high. The location of the needle exchange sites will hurt our communities and there will be more drug addicts in these areas. This will show the wrong message to our children. Drug addicts transfer HIV in many other ways then the use of dirty needles. Sharing the water mixture for heroin and having unsafe sex are examples if other ways to transmit HIV. Addicts choose to take drugs and have to accept the disease risks that follow drug use. It states that drug dealers sell drugs near needle exchange sites. This will increase crime in these areas. Needle exchange will create undesirable communities and will discourage new residents from the community. Needle exchanges will make the community unsafe. The programs bring in drug addicts, which are not clean individuals. The community will become less clean with needles on the streets and community parks. Drug-addicts are unstable and commit crimes. This will jeopardize the safety of the community. Treatment is low at needle exchange sites. The needle exchange programs do not make efforts to change drug-addicts. The counseling given is not effective treatment. Drug addicts are told ways to go cold turkey, which isn’t effective way to treat the addicts. Increasing treatment is a better solution then needle exchange. In conclusion the needle exchange programs will not decrease drug use or HIV. This is not an effective way to help drug addicts. Giving sterile needles to drug addicts is telling them it is alright to do drugs. We need to take tax dollars for rehab clinics. The government needs to give health care to the uninsured drug users and they can receive counseling to get off the drugs which ruin their lives. All of these programs will help reduce HIV. It is important to ensure that our young children know that drugs will kill drug addicts and should not be promoted with these programs on our streets.

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Family seperation Essay

Although in this scene they annoy the teacher Linda doesn’t dream of swearing at the teacher and finds it hard to call the teacher a name, she stutters and comes out with â€Å"you big worm† but in Edwards scene in a polite manner he swears at the teacher have all the courage this is ironic. The problem of staging various locations: Me and my group acted out pg 47 which showed different locations. Mrs Johnstone begins with talking about children including her son she is narrating this. And then once she has finished the scene cuts and goes straight into Mrs Lyons teaching Edward to dance. Because these scenes where so close together as a group we decided that for this to be effective we would have the whole scene with a blackout with only a spotlight on Mrs Johnstone and Mickey first. Then After Mrs Johnstone and Mickey finish talking we would immediately change the spotlight to Mrs Lyons and Edward. By doing this make the scene a lot more effective than having to walk on and off stage moving props ect. The three scenes we chose where: In the hospital Where Mrs Johnstone has just had the two boys and Mrs Lyons takes one of them.   When Mickey is arrested. Mickey is told by Mrs Lyons about Linda and Edward. These scenes are essential because if these scenes didn’t occur then the whole plot would never have happened. These scenes affect the main characters and are what the novel is about. The First scene: The scene begins with Mrs Johnstone holding her new born children, talking to a nurse that comes in this builds up. Mrs Lyons enters and takes one of the twin boys. If this scene didn’t happen then the two boys would never had been separated and Mickey would never have been arrested and suffered from his depression. This scene is what makes the story and without it the story would have never happened and also the final scene which two is quite important. The second scene: This is the beginning of Mickey’s reason for depression. The scene starts with Mickey and Sam committing a robbery and Mickey is arrested. He becomes mentally ill and is unable to do things for himself. He becomes addicted to his anti-depression tablets. After all this Linda cant cope and turns to Edward whom both seem to get very close, Mickey learns of this and the build up of the final scene. With out this scene the final scene would not have happened. The final scene: This scene is where Mrs Lyons tells Mickey of Linda and Edwards’s betrayal, at first Mickey doesn’t believe it but Mrs Lyons takes it a step further and proves it. This is a twist because in the play you see Mrs Lyons feelings towards her son and you think that they have a strong bond and a good mother and son relationship. But from this scene you can clearly see there’s some kind of jealousy. Mickey can’t take anymore and has suffered enough already so he takes the gun which the robbery had been committed and heads for the court room. This is where the final scene takes place. This is an extremely important because this is the final scene without this scene; the ending to the play would not be so effective because of what Mrs Lyons and Mrs Johnstone where discussing about. The ending to the play is all to do with superstition. In this exercise we looked at the issues of unemployment, prison, betrayal, drug addiction and gun crime. These are just some of the things that the character of Mickey has to go through in the play nut in the role-plays/ narration we wanted to show the stories from the other people’s perspective. Unemployment: I learnt that by not having qualifications it is not so easy to get a job. Also as an individual I saw that people aren’t so sociable and forthcoming when it comes to jobs and unemployment, when acting this out the woman at the job centre was prejudice against them, she was very rude and conceited. If I was that person looking for a job, I would be very depressed and feel very useless because of the little options I had. In the play Mickey should show his depression through his body language, he should be walking backwards and forwards to show he’s thinking and nervous. By doing a lot of movement shows thought and frustration. Always putting his hand on his face and leaning on things to show he needs support. His tone of voice should be slow to show depression. Prison: I learnt that most of the people that are in prison are all working class or lower class people. By this I could see that these people turn to crime in a desperate attempt to have some money, or to have some kind of food or clothing. Once the prisoner is let free they have a much lesser chance of earning money and the whole thing is just repeated. If I was the child of my mother and Father I know that they would feel embarrassed and ashamed of me and so I wouldn’t be able to face them. I think that I would ashamed to. In this situation Mickey should feels scared and frightened and helpless. He would do this thought facial expressions, looking around a lot and perhaps crying too. Betrayal: In the play there’s a number of times where Mickey is be trade. By this I learnt that betrayal is mostly lying and doing things behind people’s backs. In the play Mickey is be trade by Linda and Edward, and by his mother. If someone was betraying me I would feel very hurt and angry, I think I would also shout a lot. Mickey’s movement and gestures would be very big and exaggerated. He should show his anger through facial expressions and movement. Drug addiction: I could see how easy drug addiction is. It revolves a lot around your past and comes from the issues I’m talking about (unemployment, prison, betrayal, gun crime). Most people turn to drugs because they have nothing else to turn to and this also can be done through pier pressure. If I was a family member I would do all I can to help them through this. Mickey’s movement should be slow, and not much movement at all. He should be still and day dream a lot. Gun Crime: From this I learnt that crime was committed by mostly males who where unable to cope and had money problems, they where also teens, and young adults and some middle aged. And a lot of the time the crime would be committed where there was a store of money. If I was the mother of my child who had committed a crime I would be irritated, and express myself through my tone I would do a lot of shouting too. I would feel that it was my fault in the way I had brought up my child. Mickey should be very nervous and walk around a lot, he should speak quickly and be very helpless and his voice should be slurred. I think blood brothers is a tragic comedy according to the definitions. I feel that it is a tragic comedy because both aspects exist. There’s a lot of comedy in the play like when the class room scene happens. Edward is very superior and the way he back chats the teacher is shocking yet amusing. Even though in Mickey’s scene there lower class they still didn’t dare swear at the teacher and the only thing Linda can come out with is â€Å"you big worm†. Also the scene where Mickey and Edward meet for the first time. There both very curious and the way they deal with it is funny. Even though their physical difference is very clear there’s a lot that they don’t realise they have in common they contrast greatly. The tragedy more or less comes at the end. And by the play being a tragic comedy is much more realistic and enjoyable to watch.

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Managing Virtual Teams

Managing Virtual Teams 1. Introduction Virtual teams have emerged to mitigate the challenges of managing teams that are distributed across different regions, and are a sustainable component of global business. A project manager managing a virtual team would have to integrate communication strategies, project management techniques including human and social processes in order to support the team, (Kimball, 1997). The author is a project manager assigned to lead a virtual team of 300 volunteers located across the globe to develop recommendations for regulating carbon emissions in the world.As indicated Kimball (1997), this kind of a virtual team usually supports people working in the same professional field and most of the time focuses on learning. 2. The best way to structure this large virtual team The project would be divided into tasks and responsibilities. The team would be divided into sub-teams basing/depending on the regions where the individuals come from, and let these sub-te ams work in isolation to deliver their completed task of the project within the stipulated time frame.It is very important that the tasks and responsibilities are evenly distributed between the sub-teams to create the feeling of fairness among team members, (Edwards & Wilson, 2004). Sub-team leaders can hold a face-to-face meeting in the same location with the author at the start and at the end of the project. 3. Important issues that the author foresee in managing this team a) Different time for interaction Communication across time zones as indicated in OB Week2 Lecture Notes (2013) would be a worrying issue because there might be a difference of 10-12 hours between working days of regions where team members are based.In situations where the author request for urgent response on a particular issue, the information may be sent to the location at a non working time hence causing delay. To solve this problem, the author would adopt a ‘24-hour working’ as outlined in Defe ncom case study, (Edwards & Wilson, 2004) so that individual sub-teams can work on the recommendations during their working day. This would minimize the crossing of time zones and the process can increase team effectiveness.The author, as a project manager can establish a common time to interact face-to-face through video conferencing. b) Different cultural and language issues Working with 300 individuals from across the globe requires a project manager to be aware of different cultural and language issues. These individuals would have different ways of working, thinking and also reporting differently. Integrating the work that has been submitted would be a challenge as there will be no time to develop a common language.In order to solve this issue the team needs to develop an open culture so that everyone can openly share information and not tolerate a blame game. c) Learning the new technology It will be a problem if team members do not understand the virtual working process, whic h can hinder communication therefore affecting team relationships. Team members must be oriented to the virtual working process before the project commence so that they have enough time to ask.The author should develop a support mechanism for the team to use when experiencing difficulties. 4. Motivating individuals to archive the project goal These volunteers can be motivated by highlighting to them that, this is an opportunity for them to sharpen their skills and knowledge through experience of this new working strategy where they will meet different people with different experiences. The author would create a platform for social interaction to speed-up teamwork and create access rights for each of hem to be aware what others are doing. The author would make time to interact with all team members during the project and make sure that they have clear understanding of goals and objectives, also finding out if they are happy. 5. References Edwards, A. & Wilson, J. R. (2004) Implementi ng virtual teams: a guide to organizational and human factors, University of Liverpool Online Library [Online]. Available from: http://site. ebrary. com. ezproxy. liv. ac. uk/lib/liverpool/docDetail. action? ocID=10048150 (Accessed: 14th February 2013). Kimball, L. (1997) Managing Virtual Teams: text of speech given by Lisa Kimball for Team Strategies Conference sponsored by Federated Press, Toronto, Canada [Online]. Available from: http://www. groupjazz. com (Accessed: 15th February 2013). University of Liverpool/Laureate Online Education (2013) Lecture notes from Organizational Behavior and People Management week 1 [online]. Available from: University of Liverpool/Laureate Online Education (Accessed: 07 February 2013)

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Discuss one barrier that you choose in depth and discuss what schools, Essay

Discuss one barrier that you choose in depth and discuss what schools, teachers and other professionals can change in order to make the schools more inclusive in respect of this barrier - Essay Example Bullying can no longer be ignored and more particularly with regard to its role in impeding attainment of inclusive education. Today, bullying is more pervasive and lethal than it has ever been. It is sad to see students losing their lives in the hands of fellow students who are supposed to be their friends and brothers. Even more saddening as McAdams, Charles &  Christopher (2012) reports, parents have had to withdraw their children from some schools, thanks to the actions of bullies. In essence, it is no myth that bullying exerts a terrible toll on overall school community, be it the targets, perpetrators, and bystanders. It robs students off opportunity to learn, in addition to inflicting emotional scars which affect their overall stand within an educational institution. â€Å"Safety of kids at school really has a strong effect on how well they will learn. When kids feel safe at school, they have a positive learning environment that allows them to focus wholly on their academics, in turn, producing better grades. When kids are bullying or being bullied in school, their attention slips away from their studies and their academic achievement is directly affected (McAdams, Charles &  Christopher, 2012, 112).† Bullying as a barrier to inclusive education is however hugely misunderstood. Many think of bullying in schools in terms of a generic picture where a big, scary boy approaches a younger, punier child and makes demands such as, â€Å"Give me your lunch!†, proceeds to turn the victim upside down, empties his pockets and back-pack for lunch money and any stacks. This is however just a rudimentary image of bullying; in essence, bullying is not always as simple as it looks, and it does not necessarily have to involve physical violence to be considered bullying. There are multiple forms of bullying which ultimately bar achievement of inclusive education. According to Milsom & Gallo (2006), bullying can be physical, verbal or

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Analyze 7Ps in Year 10 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Analyze 7Ps in Year 10 - Essay Example Prices- athletic footwear sells their products at competitive prices and offers discounts to their wholesalers. Those who make internet purchases are also charges reasonable prices for shipment to ensure that the costs are kept affordable. Promotion-athletic footwear has adopted diverse promotion methods which ensure that targeted customers are made aware of their quality products and their offers. Distributors have played a pivotal role in using direct marketing to promote company’s products. Media advertising, online marketing and celebrity advertising have all been used by the company. Place – the shoes of athletic footwear company have wider market coverage. The shoes are available in North America, Europe Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America. The availability of the shoes in wider regions makes the sales of the company high and helps in maximizing the return. The growth areas also guarantee increased demand of the products. Availing the shoes at locations where customers can access and buy them is thus a strength enjoyed by the company (Pride & Ferrell, 2008). Packaging- shoes sold by athletic footwear are branded in a distinct manner that makes the products admired and attractive to the target market. Moreover, those entrusted with making the sales have better skills of persuading the customers and marketing the products. Positioning- the focus of the company in enhancing the quality of their shoes and their strategic goal of expanding their sales in Asia pacific and Latin America will ensure future growth and better performance. Producing in two locations further ensures continued supply of shoes in the market and makes the company gain an edge over their competitors. People- athletic footwear company has customers across the four regions and their production employees in their two production areas. The qualified managers ensure that there is optimum utilization

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Healthy People 2020 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Healthy People 2020 - Essay Example It is noted that prejudice against LGBT individuals is connected to increased rates of suicide, psychiatric illnesses, and substance abuse. This group is also a target for victimization and violence that has a long lasting impact on them and the community. The personal safety and mental health of LGBT people is influenced by gender recognition, social acceptance of sexual alignment, personal and family aspects. From the perspective of policy development, the LGBT group needs to be given special attention to enable these people to have a healthy life and live long. The role of an advanced nurse practitioner in taking care of LGBT people is that of leadership and advocacy. The advanced nurse practitioner should be on the front line to fight for the right of LGBT individuals and their families. The roles include promoting health policy reforms, leading personal patient rights and encouraging transformation in agency regulations and rules. Through this, the LGBT patients and their families are empowered and acquire independence (Hickey & Brosnan,

Evaluation of a Business Code of Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Evaluation of a Business Code of Ethics - Essay Example And to manufacture them in a socially responsible way† (IKEA Services, 2004). Locally and globally the company does not hesitate to declare its devotion to values like trust, integrity and honesty. Another plausible statement can be found in IKEA’s Code of Conduct, the IWAY Standard (IKEA Supply, 2008). It is firmly stated there that â€Å"we can do good business while being a good business†. Thus, within the business environment and activities of the company one can find ethical messages like â€Å"better living† and â€Å"socially responsible way† while in its ethical code (the IWAY) the message is about being and doing a good business. The IWAY is based on international conventions and declarations like the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), the Fundamental Principles of Rights at Work, ILO declaration (1998), the Rio Declaration on Sustainable Development (1992) and the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact (2000). Marcoux (2008) agrees that a â€Å"common approach in international business ethics is to refer to or to construct lists of norms that ought to guide transnational business conduct†. ... ) diversifies these principles by adding the features of a duty-driven ethical system to the code of ethics Following IKEA’s business operating network structure the IWAY is a Code of IKEA directly with its suppliers (contractors). It is about what a supplier should do in the right way. Suppliers are responsible for communicating the content of the IKEA code of conduct to sub-contractors and workers. Relations to applicable law and regulations are at the core center of the subject. Workers or as Ikea familiarly calls them â€Å"co-workers† and managers are not directly addressed. Trade unions are only mentioned, while nothing is related to civil groups and voluntary organization and to religious topics. The development of a company’s code of ethics can be motivated by the sole requirement of life and human experience or by personal moral values and national cultural traditions. Working in favor of social responsibility can be a basic value in the behavior of grou ps and individuals. Prior to the current state of affairs Friedman in his article â€Å"The Social Responsibility of Business Is to Increase Its Profits† (1970) rigorously raises a discussion on the topic of the "social responsibili ­ties of business". He argues that social responsibilities are of the individuals and not of the business. There he reminds about his book â€Å"Capitalism and Freedom† (1962), where the author postulates that "there is one and only one social responsibility of business–to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits". Amazingly contrasting to this position appear IKEA’s guiding principles for working in the interest of the child, the worker and the environment. Implementation of a Code of Conduct may be driven by international agreements and by

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Managing visitors space Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Managing visitors space - Research Paper Example Tourism has been identified to bring with it peak seasons, and also result to the decline of the economy. When such issues occur, natural resources, funding and labor suffer from fluctuations due to variations of the tourism seasons. The extension of tourist season entails of many offering festivals and keeping museums and hotels. The intensity of summer tourists season leaves an environment and the community exhausted. However, the off-season is the period where the residents return to their normal activities, and they use the facilities that are usually occupied by tourists. Peaking results to, exceptional strains on the community and the infrastructure. However, the resident population instead of the number of tourists likely determines this. The traditional mass tourists are usually replaced by various short-break visitor and diversity since they are major aspects of any tourism products. The survival of a tourism industry develops a better understanding of the local image and th is has an impact on the host community, considering the long-term effects evident in the development plans. However, it has been noted that a decline in the local management and its development cannot be realized due to the success of the hospitality industry, which rests at a local level (Morgan et al. 2011). The extension of the tourists season in the shoulder months is a goal that is usually economically beneficial for the involved businesses. However, social viability depends on the attitudes of the residents. It is also important to know that some factors usually contribute to the formation of different opinions with an aim of preventing conflicts, and to promote beneficial community factors. The social carrying capacity of any tourist attraction site depends on the resident’s attitude and their tolerance to the tourist’s presence. However, various factors are involved the formulation of a community social carrying capacity. However, the knowledgeable the resident s are concerning the tourism benefits, the greater the involvement process and the threshold tolerance (McCool and Moisey, 2008). There are several challenges that occur based on the management of different visitor visits. These have been noted to be controlled through various strategies and demand management. The community is described as the base for the tourism industry, and they must be involved to ensure that sustainable tourism is managed. It is also vital for any tourist attraction one to be aware of the effect that tourism has on the economy so that they can demonstrate the benefits that an industry offers the area. The quality in tourism and hospitality industry entails of efforts of the managers to ensure that they achieve profitability and success. This is done in a manner that meets the requirements of tourists and stakeholders involved. This means that consisted delivery of products and guest services meet the expectation of the consumer’s standards. When quality services are delivered, this is termed as a major challenge that the hospitality manager encounter since it is essential conditions that yield success (Morgan et al. 2011). The offered services are competitive and have been termed to develop global hospitality markets. Various tools are used to measure and improve the quality of services, and the mechanism of quality recognition in the tourism indus

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Does Merger and Acquisition of banks lead to value creation A case Dissertation

Does Merger and Acquisition of banks lead to value creation A case study of US and EU firms - Dissertation Example The paper tells that the current financial crisis engulfing the whole developed world has made financial institutions specially banks more vulnerable to takeovers and mergers. The constant decline in the performance of banks and resulting negative attitude of investors has made banks a lucrative target for acquiring. Banks work in a highly regulated and supervised environment therefore the number of stakeholders is generally higher as compared to other industries. The failure of the banks therefore can create significant political as well as economic issues. It is because of this reason that the banks are often put through the phase of consolidation in order to strengthen their equity base so that they can sustain external shocks. The implementation of regulatory environments such as Basel II and III is also considered as a step ahead in highlighting the importance of protecting the banks from complete failure. The current crisis resulted into the acquisition of banks not only by the respective governments but by the private equity firms also. This tendency therefore outlines that the merger and acquisitions within the banking industry can be one of the healthiest signs as the same can allow banks to strengthen their equity base and become more responsive towards external shocks. Consolidation either through the mergers or acquisitions is often done with the purpose of achieving greater market power, expense reduction as well as scope and scale economies. These gains therefore also believed to be translated into the value creation proposition for the firms. ... ng industry can be one of the healthiest signs as the same can allow banks to strengthen their equity base and become more responsive towards external shocks. Consolidation either through the mergers or acquisitions is often done with the purpose of achieving greater market power, expense reduction as well as scope and scale economies. These gains therefore also believed to be translated into the value creation proposition for the firms. As such there are two important implications of the bank mergers in terms of value creation i.e. whether the merger will create value for the shareholders of the banks or whether it will fail to translate those gains into credible and sustained value creation for the shareholders of the banks. This proposal will therefore outline the proposed research study on the performance of banks after their consolidation in Europe and US and how it has translated into value creation. Primarily, the proposed research will focus upon performance of banks in their post consolidation phase and whether such efforts actually result into improvement in performance. Literature Review Banks are considered as one of the highly regulated industries with multiple supervisors supervising different aspects of the banks. Since failure of the banks has a direct impact on the overall financial system of a country, it is therefore always considered as desirable to have stable and strong banking sector. There are different reasons as to why banks merge with each other and some of them are also similar to other industries. One of the key reasons as to why banks merge with each other is to increase their efficiency, achieve economies or expand into new and existing markets. These motives therefore allow banks to look for opportunities to consolidate and become bigger

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Digestive Enzyme Experiment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Digestive Enzyme Experiment - Essay Example There are two (2) main reasons why the digestion of starches starts in the mouth (i.e. salivary amylase) and eventually stops as soon as the partially digested starches could reach the stomach. First, it is important to know that digestion of food nutrients can occur using either mechanical digestion or chemical enzymes and that starch is a polysaccharide that can be digested only via chemical reactions (Eliasson, 2006, p. 475; Sullivan and Cooley, 2004, p. 45). Second, the stomach is responsible for mechanical digestion (Rechtman, 2004, p. 114). Since starch cannot be digested mechanically, it is impossible for starch to be digested in the stomach. Basically, starch is a good example of complex carbohydrates (Shetty, 2010, p. 24; Chopra, 2005, p. 91). Because of the long chains of glucose that are heavily tied up together, carbohydrates such as starch can only be broken down by enzymes such as the salivary amylase (Sullivan and Cooley, 2004, p. 45). Eventually the reaction of saliva ry amylase can break down starch into a much simple carbohydrates which then can be absorbed in the small intestine (Eliasson, 2006, p. 475). In general, salivary amylase is not the only enzyme that can be use to digest starch. Other enzymes such as the pancreatic amylase as well as maltase can also be used in the chemical digestion of starch (McGuire and Beerman, 2013, p. 130; Eliasson, 2006, p. 475). For instance, as soon as the pancreas releases pancreatic juice like pancreatic amylase, it can further break down the polysaccharides.

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Hydrochloric acid Essay Example for Free

Hydrochloric acid Essay In this investigation I am going to see how temperature affects the rate of reaction. To do this I will change the temperature at which a reaction between Sodium Thiosulphate and Hydrochloric acid is conducted. Here is a chemical equation for this reaction: Hydrochloric acid +Sodium Thiosulphatei Sodium chloride + sulphur dioxide + sulphur + water. 2HCl(aq) + Na2S2O3(aq) i 2NaCl(aq) + SO2(g) + S(s) + H2O(l). The precipitate of sulphur is what causes the solution to go cloudy. I will mix the reactants in a flask and then place the flask on a piece of paper with a black X drawn on it. I will time how long it takes for the X to disappear totally. This is how I will measure the rate of the reaction. I plan to take twelve readings, using twelve different temperatures. The range I will use will between 10 and 50 degrees. This is because under 10i and the reaction takes too long and over 50i the reaction is too quick and so reaction time plays a major part in the result and the percentage error will be greater. To carry out the investigation my dependant variable will be the temperature of the reactants as this is the one I will change. My independent variable will be the time taken for the X to disappear and this is the one I will measure. There are many other variables that will affect the reaction and therefore I will have to keep these variables constant to ensure a fair test and therefore reliable results. Firstly I will have to make sure the volume of the flask is kept constant as if the volume increases, the solution will be shallower and so the X will disappear more slowly. Also I will have to keep the volume of the solution the same as if there is a larger volume of solution; the X will disappear more quickly. The concentrations of the two reactants will also have to be kept constant. This is because if the concentration of a solution is increased, then there are more particles in the same volume of the solution and therefore there will be more collisions between particles and the rate of reaction will increase. I predict that as the temperature of the reaction increases, the rate of reaction will increase and therefore the X will disappear more quickly. I think this because, as you increase the temperature, the particles have more energy. This makes them move faster. Therefore more collisions occur between the particles and so the rate of reaction increases. Also, since the particles have more energy when they collide, the activation energy (minimum energy needed for particles to react when they collide) is more likely to be reached and therefore the particles are more likely to react when they collide. This also increases the rate of reaction. (see diagram below). I predict that the 10i C rule will apply to this reaction. This is the theory that, if you decrease the temperature of the reaction by 10i C the rate of reaction will approximately half. Therefore the time for the X to disappear will double. If this theory is true, this is the table of results and graph I expect to get. Temperature Time Rate 50i C 10s 0. 1 40i C 20s 0. 05 30i C 40s 0. 025 20i C 80s 0. 0125 10i C 160s 0. 00625 To investigate this theory I will plan to collect reliable evidence safely. I will make sure the experiment is safe by wearing safety glasses and wiping up any spillages of solutions. I will make the experiment fair by keeping the control variables mentioned before, the same. To keep the size of flask the same I will make sure I use the same flask for each reading, washing it out after every experiment. I will keep the concentrations of the reactants the same by using the same source of the solutions. I will keep the volume of solution the same by using the smallest measuring cylinder possible and making sure I avoid parallax error while measuring the solutions out. I will make sure to use 50cmi of Sodium Thiosulphate and 5cmi of Hydrochloric acid for all my tests. I will use 0. 1M Sodium Thiosulphate and 0. 5M Hydrochloric acid. I will also use two different thermometers to measure the temperature of the two different solutions. I will use a 100ml conical flask for the entire experiment. Here is an apparatus diagram of what I will use: This is how I will carry out the experiment Firstly I will measure out 50cmi of Sodium Thiosulphate in one measuring cylinder, and 5cmi of Hydrochloric acid in the other.   I will then draw a black X on a piece of paper, making sure it is smaller then the bottom of the flask I will place the Sodium Thiosulphate in the flask and the Hydrochloric acid in a boiling tube.

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Modern Britain Essay Example for Free

Modern Britain Essay Being able to come to a believable conclusion about this statement could be quite hard due to the many definitions of religion and secularisation in the first place. There are so many different definitions for these that defining it correctly once arent the case. However secularisation is overall seen to be the decline in importance given to religion. Wilson put forward the idea that religion has declined and is now less important / influential in society than it was in the past. This was known as the secularisation thesis. Wilson focuses on statistical evidence relating to religious institutions and their activity. Church attendance statistics are used for evidence of secularisation in the UK and these vary and show big differences. The fall and rise of statistics in different areas show that religion has little influence today. Interpretive sociologists say that these statistics should be treated with caution as statistics for previous centuries may be inaccurate as data wasnt collected as well as it is today, the golden myth is not accurate and it could be misleading. On the other hand present statistics may not either be reliable as different religious organisations could have different counting methods to one another and also previous centuries. Bellah questions the validity of statistics, as they dont show the full picture e. g. a person attending church doesnt have to mean that they are religious. He says that religion is a private experience and cannot be measured for most people. Statistical evidence only tells us about participation in certain institutionalised religions, not religious belief / practice as a whole. Wilson suggests that rational thinking in the shape of science has replaced religious influence in our lives because scientific progress has resulted in higher living standards. Science has also come up with convincing explanations for phenomena which were once given by religious organisations e. g. how the world was created. People have therefore become increasingly disenchanted with religion. However people say that Wilson maybe overemphasising the influence of rationality, evidence tells us that people at times prefer religious explanations to scientific explanations. Social attitude surveys tell us that 70% of the UK population profess a string belief in god. Many people subscribe to quasi religious concepts such as luck or fate. There has been a decline in commitment to beliefs. Membership of high commitment organisations has generally decreased and low commitment organisations membership has increased. The popularity of some cults may be explained by the fact that they do not demand a great deal of commitment. Wilson argues that the church is no longer involved in important areas of social life such as politics. He says that politicians have no interest in making sure their policies meet with the approval of religious leaders. The media is more likely to have an impact and direct people rather than the church. Wilson says that the church has become disengaged from the wider society and only plays a marginal role in modern society. However critics say that religion is still a major provider of education and welfare in society today. The media still shows a great interest in religious issues such as women priests or the Church of Englands attitudes to homosexuality. National religious ceremonies such as the funeral of Princess Diana suggest that the sacred might still be important.

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The Ideas Of The Classical School

The Ideas Of The Classical School In order to appropriately address the topic of discussion, its important to consider the criminological perspectives related to the debate and the principles associated with each perspective. Two schools which will be drawn upon are the Classical school, which was established towards the end of the 18th century and the Positivist school which developed towards the end of the 19th century. The Classical school was based on a utilitarian philosophy and demonstrated the idea that, for the sake of consistency, every offender must be treated equally. The Positivist school, however, opposed Classical principles, using the scientific method to study human behaviour, expressing individuality and stressing the need for the criminal to be treated with appropriate discretion. One contentious area within criminology is the idea that the criminal is normal. Jeremy Bentham, a Classical thinker, argues that this is indeed the case. Criminals are normal in that they are rational, calculated decision-makers just like everybody else. Individuals have free-will and they are guided by a hedonistic calculus the maximisation of pleasure and the minimisation of pain (Bentham cited by Walklate 2007:18). Such idea suggests that before engaging in criminal activity, the criminal calculates whether the reward outweighs the risk. i.e., is the potential pleasure worth the potential punishment? However, what this assumption fails to consider is that criminality can sometimes be a spontaneous reaction; its not always a pre-meditated one. People may act out of pure desperation; giving little thought to the consequences should he/she be caught. An ideal to support this would be the clichà ©d scenario in which an individual steals a loaf of bread to feed his/her starving fami ly. Such action involves no particular thought process; they do what they do simply because they wish to survive. However, thats not to say that rational choice is not apparent. It does have relevance to certain crimes, especially crimes such as burglary in which a planning process is undergone before hand to avoid detection and significantly increase the chances of a successful sweep, such as observations of home security and patterns in daily comings and goings. Arguably the main principle of the Classical approach can be said to be reflective of the idea that the criminal is normal this principle being that offenders should receive equal punishments, providing the offences are of the same or a similar nature. The principle revolves around the idea that everybody is equal and thus to treat everybody as equals disregards the conception that theres an abnormality in the behaviour of the criminal (Hopkins Burke 2009: 31). Their philosophy expresses that there is no place in the categorisation and labelling of individuals into specific groups based on conditions which they may or may not have; in order for there to be a truly just justice system, everybody must be treated the same. This principle has, unsurprisingly, come under a lot of criticism, a general criticism of which would argue that society is in fact unequal (in terms of the divisions in social class) and so for an offender to be punished in the same way as an affluent offender is s een to be ludicrous. Take the example mentioned previously: an individual who is forced to engage in the theft of a loaf of bread to feed their starving family should not be punished in the same way as a president of a large corporation, for example, who dips his hand into the wages of his employees to give himself a larger bonus. In one scenario the crime is very much committed out of necessity, whereas the other is a crime of greed and thus it would be unfair, morally, to treat the cases equally as they are clearly unequal in nature. On the flip side to the normality of the criminal debate, comes the idea that the criminal is sick. Where in the 18th and early 19th century, we have discussed that crime was believed to be a deliberately chosen behaviour of rational actors; the second half of the 19th century saw the emergence of individual positivism which sought to dispel the Classical approach to explanations of crime and the ways in which criminals should be punished (Sapsford 1981: 310). Such perspective doubted the ability of a criminal to choose to engage in crime and that criminality, they argued, is a form of mental illness which removes their capacity to act freely. Therefore, straight away the disparity between Individual Positivism and Classical criminology become visible. Cesare Lombroso (1876) was a key contributor to Positivist criminology. His research focused on idea that the criminal is born a criminal and they have very little choice in the matter. He studied the physical differences between the criminal and the non-criminal, whilst also taking into account the similarities and differences of the criminal and the mentally ill. Most notably, he drew the observation that criminals possess similar traits to an atavistic being which of course refers to an earlier stage in human development. Such observations included irregularity in skull size, ear size, irregularities in both height and weight and many other traits. However, he was also prepared to accept that not all criminals are born into the role and that some in fact do achieve it either through mental disorders or the environments in which they live (Lombroso 1876 cited by Sapsford 1981: 310-311). The views regarding the normality or the abnormality of the criminal have a substantial effect on the ways in which the Classicists and the Positivists believe punishment should be distributed. The history of the use of punishment is an interesting one. Michel Foucault (1979) in his book Discipline and Punish provides a great context into how the problem of crime was treated pre-enlightenment. The purpose of Foucaults research was to establish how it was that we got to the stage where incarceration became the main kind of punishment. It was 1757 Paris in which Foucault researched a man who was convicted of murder and sentenced to death by the court. By order of the court, the man was publicly taken through the streets of Paris in horse-drawn cart until he arrived at the point of execution. He was stripped to the waist, flesh was torn from him with pincers, sulphur was poured onto his hands and he was then quartered by four horses. Four hours passed before his torso was pierced onto a spike. The following day, the torso was burned and the execution process was complete (Foucault 1976: 3). What Foucault found was that the punishment was very much made into a public spectacle and these public displays were boisterous affairs people found great pleasure in seeing people condemned for their transgressions. 80 years later, a similar thing happened. A man was found guilty of murder, but instead of receiving the same brutal punishment; he was incarcerated, isolated from the outside world. High walls kept the criminal confined on the inside; the public were kept on the outside public emotions were taken out of punishment. Although Foucault was not associated with the Classical school, his observations were regarded highly by Classicist thinkers, particularly Cesare Beccaria. Beccaria was an enlightened thinker who sought great need in replacing irrational thinking with a rational one. He stated that pre-1750; punishments were barbaric and localised meaning that punishments varied from place to place (Beccaria 1764 cited by McLaughlin et al 2003: 11). Punishments were vengeful with public participation permitted through the throwing of projectiles and the hurling of abuse. Beccaria claimed that such a criminal justice system is weak and as a result, he set out to reform the way in which we punish offenders, in which Foucault insisted that his intentions were not to punish less, but to punish better (Foucault 1976: 82). For Beccaria, one of the main issues that needed to be addressed was the complex nature of the law and the written legislature. The law needed to be made clear and simple so that people can understand what is deemed acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. Law should not just be a doctrine which can only be understood by lawyers and other legal experts, but should be understood by the individual when the number of those who can understand the sacred code of laws and hold it in their hands increases, the frequency of crimes will be found to decrease (Beccaria 1963: 18). Classicist thinking requires that the punishment must be proportionate to the offence (Newburn 2007: 116). Proportionality has in itself caused confusion, with some taking it literally to be reflective of the notion: eye for an eye. However, what is truly meant by the term is that punishment should not be too excessive as it doesnt have any real impact on preventing crimes from occurring. In order for punishment to be justified, it must have a use and the use that punishment provides is its deterrence effect on the rest of society it must prevent others from committing the same crimes (Newburn 2007: 116). The most important aspect of punishment, for Classical criminology, is that the general public are discouraged from committing crimes because of the fear of suffering a similar fate to the offender who has been caught and publicly punished. Also, this punishment must be made certain. That is, that people must be made aware that crime will not be tolerated and punishment will follow. Again, this relates to the general deterrence of punishment. A significantly effective way of deterring the public is through the participation of the media in the reporting of crimes. Rarely, crimes are reported to have gone without punishment. Yet it must be said that the certainty of punishment doesnt necessarily reduce crime in all cases. There are of course instances where people are aware of the consequences of a crime but continue to carry out the crime nonetheless. Ideally, the more promptly the punishment follows the crime; the more just a justice system will be a concept which makes a whole lot of sense. The modern day criminal justice system is a rather weak one in terms of how quickly they are able to process trials through a court and decide on whether the accused is guilty or not guilty. Such lack of urgency is deemed a cruel torment of uncertainty as the criminal is forced to wait an indeterminate length of time to hear the verdict and the punishments that may follow should the verdict be one of guilt (Beccaria 1963: 19). The promptness of punishment would thus spare the criminal of this torment. However, not only does the promptness of punishment serve in the interests of the accused, it also serves in the interests of the criminal justice system. If a system is seen to be tough on crime in that they can swiftly and appropriately punish an offender, people will recognise that the chances of them evading detection are slim. Whilst the Classicist justification for punishment resembles that of a retributivist nature, the Positivist approach looks more to rehabilitate the offender and provide treatment for the sick criminal. Sentences must consider the psychological conditions behind why it is that somebody engages in crime. It would simply unfair to give somebody suffering from some degree of mental deficiency the same punishment as a person who is of sound mind. The criminal justice system needs therefore to encompass mitigating circumstances which can decrease the culpability of the accused as they are not controllably committing unlawful behaviours. Mitigating circumstances can be seen in the English Criminal Justice System, evident with the offence of manslaughter which is an offence of less culpability than murder. One partial defence for murder, written under s.2(1) of the Homicide Act 1957, is diminished responsibility which states that a person will not be found guilty of murder if they suffered f rom an abnormality of mind which substantially impaired their mental responsibility for the action (Padfield 2000: 153). Such mitigating circumstances are necessary because people are not the same and thus to punish them as equals would be inappropriate and completely unjust. Some people dont act out of their own free-will, they have little to no control over their behaviours and it would be wrong to give them the same punishments as those who are fully in control of their behaviour i.e. the rational, calculated offenders. In drawing a conclusion, its clear to see that theres been a progressive development in theories regarding the debate of the normality or the abnormality of the criminal. Classical thinking preceded Positivist thinking and their principles did not take into consideration that scientific explanations for the behaviour of the criminal could be influential to the formation of a just criminal justice system. The emergence of the scientific approach saw improvements into how we perceive the criminal. In most cases, the criminal is sick and its thus necessary to at least attempt to try and treat them rather than punish them. This saw a shift from a retributivist approach to a reductionist one which saw to rehabilitate the offender. But although the two perspectives are the contrast of one another, thats not to say that one of them, have had little impact on the criminal justice system that we see today. Todays system encompasses principles from both perspectives from the Classical school, it takes the idea that punishment must fit the crime that the serious offences must be met with a more severe punishment and subsequently, the lesser offences should receive a lesser sentence. We can see that with the sentencing tariffs in which each offence requires a minimum and a maximum sentence for the offence. From the Positivist school, the system adopts the idea that the punishment must also fit the criminal the culpability of the offender must be considered in order to ensure that the best possible sentence is imposed on the offender. The influence of Positivism has also encouraged a variety of punishments/treatments including community sentences which serves as both a retributitive punishment and a rehabilitative treatment. Beccaria, C. (1963) On Crimes and Punishments. 18-19. New York; Bobbs-Merrill. Foucault, M. (1976) Discipline and Punish. 3, 82. London; Penguin. Hopkins Burke, R. (2009) An Introduction to Criminological Theory. 31. Collumpton; Willan. McLaughlin, E., Muncie, J. and Hughes, G. (2003) Criminological Perspectives: Essential Readings. 11. London; Sage. Newburn, T. (2007) Criminology. 116. Collumpton; Willan. Padfield, N. (2000) Criminal Law. 153. London; Cromwell Press. Sapsford, R.J. (1981) Individual Deviance: The Search for the Criminal Personality in Fitzgerald, M., McLennan, G. and Pawson, G. (1981) Crime and Society: Readings in History and Theory. 310-311. London; Routledge. Walklate, S. (2007) Understanding Criminology: Current Theoretical Debates. 18. Cardiff; Open University Press.

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Cap Steve Rocket "Captains log , stardate , Ah who cares. Im Captain Steve Rocket of the inter-galactic starship , pimp-mobile alpha two . We now are on the end of our very long journey home . We just got our Mary Jane core fixed as we were stranded on an alien planet. Here’s how it all started..." "Captain we're ready to go ," says my beautiful flight attendant Alissa .(She's my favorite of the crew she has curly, strawberry blonde hair , beautiful legs and the most perfect pair of .... , sorry I’m getting a little off subject .)"all right plot a course for the cannabis star system ," I said . " AY , aye captain ," says the brunette goddess machelle . ( She's a hottie too. ) " take the helm Luke , I'm going to get a little better acquainted with some of my crew members while traveling through safe space ," I said. " Aye , aye cap," says Luke as I motion the ladies to my quarters . "Well ladies ever tried the best stuff earth has to offer , wait make that second I’m the best thing earth has to offer . Well anyways ," I say as I pull out a fatty blunt . " Wanna hit this ." "Sure I thought you'd never ask ," says Michelle. "Thank god you’re a life saver . I thought this would be another mission where I had to sneak around just to get a few tokes ," says Alissa . I lit up the fatty and passed it around a couple of times .

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Graduation Speech -- Graduation Speech, Commencement Address

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, faculty, staff, graduates of the Class of 2012, families and friends. I tried to think of something profound to say today, but it may be too presumptuous to assume that my short life experience is enough to impart any great wisdom. However, I will at least share with you something that I have learned. As a brief disclaimer: individual results may vary; drowsiness and/or dizziness are the most common side effects. Contact your doctor if symptoms persist. Wisdom is something of an enigma that cannot be achieved by the pursuit of knowledge alone. It comes from the lessons of trial and error coupled with determination, persistence and commitment. This idea can best be illustrated in the famous words of Thomas Edison when he said, "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." Wisdom is a never-ending cycle of blending knowledge with life experience and lessons learned that are not soon forgotten. Ultimately, these things are the tools and materials we use to build our futures. Based on the values and in...

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Ludlow And Dudley Castle :: Papers

Ludlow And Dudley Castle Ludlow Caste was built around 1085. Castles built around this time were mostly Motte and Bailey. This made a good defence but was not typical of castle defences. Ludlow Castle was the first stone castle, which was unusual. Because of its Royal Connections a lot of money was spent on Ludlow Castle especially on better defences. Dudley Castle on the other hand is different and is a Motte and Bailey castle. Motte and Bailey castles are typical and were common. Later on Dudley Castle was demolished and remade into a stone castle. Dudley Castle is built on a natural hill, which is a good defence whilst Ludlow Castle is not built on a hill but has a steep 100ft drop. A steep drop makes it harder for the enemy to climb up or attack. This defence is not typical because no other castle will have a 100ft drop. This is an excellent choice of location and makes an ideal defence. Dudley Castle has evidence of a Motte running around because I noticed a pond and ditch like features. Ludlow Castle only had a ditch around the inner bailey. We know this is not a Motte because it has a door room inside the ditch; this is probably where they went through to collect the dead bodies of their enemies. Both castles have barbicans and both castles also have high walls. Ludlow Castle has a river and so has a drawbridge. Dudley and Ludlow Castle both have crenellations. Ludlow Castle also has machicolations this meant that it was well defended as they could throw missiles from the flanking towers above. The most typical thing about both castles is that they both have a Keep, which was the most important part of the castle. Most of Ludlow Castles' defences are typical but it has a few which are original. For example the 100ft drop. I think Ludlow's defences are very strong and it would be hard to conquer. [IMAGE] [IMAGE] Sirrvet Bukhari 11W Ludlow And Dudley Castle Coursework

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“the Effects of Diversity on Business Performance: Report of the Diversity Research Network”

Crimson Miller MGT 492 Dr. Turnipseed February 19th, 2010 â€Å"The Effects of Diversity on Business Performance: Report of the Diversity Research Network† Article Critique #1 In this article the Business Opportunities for Leadership Diversity (BOLD), The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, and the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) Foundation came together to examine the effects diversity has on a business and the business’s performance. I agree with the article in that diversity can have a positive and/or negative effect on businesses and their performances. In many ways diversity can be a positive influence on companies and company performances because diversity allows for creativity, challenging others’ ideas, and avoidance of â€Å"group think†. Diversity in business can allow for a wide range of competitive moves from new ideas and differences in cultures. The better the range of knowledge and skill the more innovative and creative employees typically are in organizations. On the other hand diversity can be a major negative effect on business in that it can cause barriers to communication between employees. Employees that cannot communicate with one another do not work well together; many times become confrontational with each other, and many times are not working towards the same goals because of misperceptions. There may be a language barrier, a culture barrier, a religion issue, or even a knowledge or skill difference that makes working as a team less successful. The sample the organizations were able to obtain in the study, used as a base for this report, was a small sample size but I think that the study was very conclusive. In most situations people from a different background will bring new ideas and compete with each other to create a competitive advantage. Yet, if you put a group of people together that do not understand one another the communication will be difficult which may lead to confusion, frustration, or no communication at all. In conclusion I believe the findings of this study were very accurate even in a much larger scale then have been presented.

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Pressure ulcers Essay

The occurrence of pressure ulcers as a complication for majority of the immobile patients have been a nursing care concern for years now. The care outcome of these patients should include lowering the incidence of pressure ulcers because of the increased risk for altered skin integrity. Albeit impossible to be eliminated, most especially the site of these pressure ulcers, which are commonly found in the bony prominences of the body, there is still a bigger chance of minimizing the amount of skin damage. A study was conducted on how the heath care team, with focus on the physicians and the nurses, can lower the occurrence of pressure ulcers by simply implementing academic detailing (Kleinpell, 2008). Academic detailing made use of an individualized method of informing and facilitating learning about a particular topic (Kleinpell, 2008). The interventions included to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers were reminders on how to obtain devices to reduce pressure ulcers, feedbacks on rates of occurrence, one-on-one clinical instructions on methods to reduce development of pressure ulcers, and focused preventive interventions like that of the pillow campaign (Kleinpell, 2008). The study was a success because the rate of occurrence lowered from 50% to 8% (Kleinpell, 2008). The impact of this study to the nursing practice is of utmost importance because it asserts that complications such as pressure ulcers can be avoided, as long as the health care team is dedicated in implementing care the proper way to the patients who are at risk for such complications. If these complications can be avoided, the patient will be able to enjoy an easeful rehabilitation, lowered health care cost, and reduced length of stay at the hospital. This will also give more time to the health care team do other essential nursing care. The study proves that there are ways to make the hospital stay of patients worry-free and complication-free if only the health care team will make sure of doing whatever they can to achieve it.

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Explore Dickens presentation of education in Hard Times Essay

Explore Dickens’ presentation of education in Hard Times and comment on how this reflects a Dickensian vision of Utilitarianism Dickens’ presents The Victorian education system in ‘Hard Times’ in a fundamentally negative way, Dickens’ expresses the idea that having an imaginative aspect to our education is essential. He does this through satirising the education system and mocking the characters. Throughout the novel, it is a purpose of Dickens being satirical towards the education system. Dickens opens the novel with a satirical description of Thomas Gradgrind and his utilitarian educational methods as he teaches the room full of students â€Å"Facts alone are wanted in life† (9) Dickens satirises Gradgrind’s commitment to an education comprised only of facts as Gradgrind exaggerates that facts are the only essential thing in life. â€Å"Fancy† (14) symbolises imagination and wonder compared to facts. Dickens emphasise â€Å"Fact† more than he does with â€Å"Fancy† he does this by repeating â€Å"fact† itself, sounds more forceful. Gradgrind’s view on education is his children are to never imagine or wonder. Gradgrind rejects the concept of â€Å"fancy† or imagination; ‘fancy’ has nothing to contribute to understanding; only things that can be measured are important. Gradgrind’s disapproving rant on fancy â€Å"You don’t walk upon flowers in fact† (14) to the students underlines that fancy is bad and it should be â€Å"facts! † (14) In his satirical description of Gradgrind, Dickens’ aim is of what he experienced in the industrial England during his time when education varied vastly, according to location, gender, and class, meaning that Dickens view on Utilitarianism is shown in a satirical way, and his beliefs stood out throughout the novel, this indicates how the education system was controlled. Dickens uses characters’ names to continue his satire of the utilitarian education system prevalent in Victorian Britain. Mr Gradgrind breaks into the word â€Å"Grind† as a means to crush, signifying his method of grinding down the students’ individuality and any imagination they may have entered the school with. Mr M’Choakumchild, breaks into â€Å"me, choke, child† Dickens’ exaggerates with the name as we don’t think the new teacher is literally choking the children in his care, that this Fact-obsessed creature will only choke imagination and feelings out of them. â€Å"If he had only learnt a little less, how infinitely better be he might have taught much more! † (15) This highlights that the utilitarianism system would function much better, if it were not so strung on facts. If Mr. M’Choakumchild had learnt less and been practically involved with his students more and would have taught far better. This is criticizing the way the system works. Dickens is suggesting that in the utilitarianism system, suggesting that ramming facts into students might not be the most effective way of teaching them. Not everything can be reduced to facts alone. Mr Gradgrind and Mr Bounderby are the main representations of utilitarianism and followers of the system. In Louisa’s proposed marriage to Bounderby, Dickens shows us a disastrous consequence of Gradgrind’s system that denied everything but facts. â€Å"You have been accustomed to consider every other question, simply as one of tangible Fact† (97) This illustrates that Gradgrind, who is incapable of expressing his emotions effectively toward Louisa, edges her into a marriage with Bounderby by stating various facts and statistics to her. Louisa is hesitant to communicate her feelings towards him â€Å"she returned, without any visible emotion† (96) David Lodge’s ‘How Successful Was Hard Times? ’ (1981) argues that Gradgrind’s ideology in his system is questionable, Lodge explains that it is a â€Å"primary index of what is wrong with his system† Mr Bounderby is also a character with utilitarian beliefs, doubtlessly one of the major characters that has a firm belief in the system, â€Å"you may force him to swallow boiling fat, but you shall never suppress force him to suppress the facts of his life† (23) He signifies the very essence of his ruthless principles that only has room for facts and statistics. ‘Hard Times’ outlines that a utilitarian approach to life is unsuccessful and costs those who follow their imaginations become robotic and inadequate to the system. Imagination and heart is found in the circus where Mr Bounderby and Mr Gradgrind despise â€Å"No young people have circus masters†¦ or attend circus lectures about circuses† (23) Gradgrind implies that circuses are not like a practical schoolroom. Dickens represents Sissy Jupe as an influential character of the novel who presents the value of a warm heart and embodies feelings and emotions. She is seen as a complete failure of Gradgrind’s system. However Dickens and the reader judge her as a success. The young innocent girl mocked by the teacher and presented as the â€Å"dumb† girl in the start of the novel, gradually turns out to be the most key character in the whole novel. Since the foundational significance of fact and the removal of fancy that Gradgrind’s education obliges, Sissy Jupe will never succeed. Nevertheless, in spite of the education, Sissy becomes a young woman who is able to maintain her own principles and beliefs. The contrasting descriptions of Sissy and Bitzer are shown in their appearance. For example Sissy is described as radiant and warm â€Å"dark eyed and dark haired† (11) referring to her as someone who is the face of vitality. However Bitzer is portrayed as â€Å"what little colour he ever possessed† (11) and â€Å"His cold eyes would hardly have been eyes† (11)) Demonstrating that he is cold and emotionless with no heart and all calculation. Dickens uses Bitzer to demonstrate that other students are influenced by him, showing that he is a follower of Gradgrind’s system, whereas Sissy is the foreigner to the system. The Utilitarian education system relates to the industrial town ‘Coketown’ which consists of factories and â€Å"large streets †¦ like one another †¦ people equally like one another† (27) The town is linked to a â€Å"painted face of a savage† (27) that is described as barbaric and uncultured, the children are being deprived from the â€Å"ill-smelling dye† (27) Dickens suggests the society that the children/workers are living in is unsanitary â€Å"Jail† (28) indicating that they have no escape from their problems. The utilitarian system stamps out all imagination in the pupils and prepares them perfectly for the life of drudgery. Dickens describes as their lot as ‘hands’ in Coketown’s factories. Education presented in ‘Hard Times’ is shown as satirical in Dickensian vision of Utilitarianism. This is because Dickens is able to create a fool out of the system cunningly. Furthermore it is certain that what Dickens has presented is humorous and convincing with making the utilitarian ideology seem absurd through the novel. I find David Lodge’s argument towards Dickens opinion as liberal and potent.

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Marilyn Monroe

As far as advertising goes, It was near perfect In Its tragedy to touch on the readers' subconscious senses of trust, logic, and emotion. This technique was developed by Aristotle and known as Rhetoric and Is delved Into three means of persuasion: Logos, Ethos, and Pathos. Logos Is the appeal to a person's logic and reason. Ethos is the appeal to a person's trust through credibility and trust. Pathos is the appeal to the person's emotions. This strategy is used in advertising to persuade the consumer to buy their product over another.This vintage 1986 Maxwell tape ad effectively used all three points of Aristotle Appeals with the SE of a statistic to satisfy the reader's logic (Logos), Marilyn Monomer's iconic status to appeal to the reader's sense of credibility (Ethos), and Marilyn Monomer's beauty, sex appeal, and charisma to incite an emotional response appealing to the viewer's feelings (Pathos). Let's begin with the ad's success in appealing to one's logic, or the Logos categor y. The ad uses a statistic stating that their tapes â€Å"†¦ Are manufactured up to 60% above industry standards. This statistic confirms the product's quality and gives some sound science to the consumer. It's a statistic, a number. People generally trust numbers. The statistic assures you that their product is manufactured over and above the industry standard and implies that all other brands are manufacture at bare requirements and no more. The consumer can feel confidence in the Maxwell brand because it's scientifically validated. It's logical and effectively appeals to the reader's sense of reason. Secondly, the market team utilized Marilyn Monomer's stardom and popularity to bring credibility to their claim and appeal to the reader's Ethos.Marilyn Monroe was still extremely popular at this time and her reputation was solid and reliable. 2012 marks 50 years after her death and she continues to be a major figure in the world of cinema and Is still acknowledged and respecte d. This year she Is the official icon of the 2012 Cannes Film Festival and honored on the event poster. The poster for the event has a picture of Marilyn seductively blowing out a single candle on a white cake. The poster, Like the picture In the Maxwell ad, captures her elegance and beauty. It Is recognizable and timeless.The consumer Is assured wrought her reliability, and her status and popularity appeal to the readers sense of credibility. Third Is the ads strongest pull, and It Is Its appeal to the viewer's emotions, Pathos. Marilyn Monroe Is loved and adored by so many people and the advertisers knew they could bank on this. Part of what people loved so much about simple photograph. But many adored her story too. Marilyn Monroe had a touching and inspirational story. Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeanne Morton in the charity ward at the Los Angles County Hospital.Her childhood was shaped by instability and she was passed from family member to family member, and even frequently lived in orphanages. In 1945 a photographer took notice of her and took her picture. Months later she was modeling for the covers of dozens of successful magazines and her life was changed forever. She had an uncanny ability to capture the hearts and attention of America and has remained loved even decades after her demise. Her photographs, like the one in the ad, still incite an emotional response. And lastly, let's not forget her sex appeal.Sex appeal was used in this add and is a ajar method used in selling products then and now. This ad concentrated on her stardom, but also played on her sex appeal too. Using words like â€Å"delicious dessert† and â€Å"the very best part of every man's fantasy'. I wonder if the advertiser's strategy could have been improved by focusing more on her film's successes and her success as an actress. The product Maxwell was selling was mainly for movies and many of the consumers would have been women. Could some of the more conservative con sumers been turned off by this approach? The ad was still brilliant and effectively used all aspects of persuasion.. Marilyn Monroe As far as advertising goes, It was near perfect In Its tragedy to touch on the readers' subconscious senses of trust, logic, and emotion. This technique was developed by Aristotle and known as Rhetoric and Is delved Into three means of persuasion: Logos, Ethos, and Pathos. Logos Is the appeal to a person's logic and reason. Ethos is the appeal to a person's trust through credibility and trust. Pathos is the appeal to the person's emotions. This strategy is used in advertising to persuade the consumer to buy their product over another.This vintage 1986 Maxwell tape ad effectively used all three points of Aristotle Appeals with the SE of a statistic to satisfy the reader's logic (Logos), Marilyn Monomer's iconic status to appeal to the reader's sense of credibility (Ethos), and Marilyn Monomer's beauty, sex appeal, and charisma to incite an emotional response appealing to the viewer's feelings (Pathos). Let's begin with the ad's success in appealing to one's logic, or the Logos categor y. The ad uses a statistic stating that their tapes â€Å"†¦ Are manufactured up to 60% above industry standards. This statistic confirms the product's quality and gives some sound science to the consumer. It's a statistic, a number. People generally trust numbers. The statistic assures you that their product is manufactured over and above the industry standard and implies that all other brands are manufacture at bare requirements and no more. The consumer can feel confidence in the Maxwell brand because it's scientifically validated. It's logical and effectively appeals to the reader's sense of reason. Secondly, the market team utilized Marilyn Monomer's stardom and popularity to bring credibility to their claim and appeal to the reader's Ethos.Marilyn Monroe was still extremely popular at this time and her reputation was solid and reliable. 2012 marks 50 years after her death and she continues to be a major figure in the world of cinema and Is still acknowledged and respecte d. This year she Is the official icon of the 2012 Cannes Film Festival and honored on the event poster. The poster for the event has a picture of Marilyn seductively blowing out a single candle on a white cake. The poster, Like the picture In the Maxwell ad, captures her elegance and beauty. It Is recognizable and timeless.The consumer Is assured wrought her reliability, and her status and popularity appeal to the readers sense of credibility. Third Is the ads strongest pull, and It Is Its appeal to the viewer's emotions, Pathos. Marilyn Monroe Is loved and adored by so many people and the advertisers knew they could bank on this. Part of what people loved so much about simple photograph. But many adored her story too. Marilyn Monroe had a touching and inspirational story. Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeanne Morton in the charity ward at the Los Angles County Hospital.Her childhood was shaped by instability and she was passed from family member to family member, and even frequently lived in orphanages. In 1945 a photographer took notice of her and took her picture. Months later she was modeling for the covers of dozens of successful magazines and her life was changed forever. She had an uncanny ability to capture the hearts and attention of America and has remained loved even decades after her demise. Her photographs, like the one in the ad, still incite an emotional response. And lastly, let's not forget her sex appeal.Sex appeal was used in this add and is a ajar method used in selling products then and now. This ad concentrated on her stardom, but also played on her sex appeal too. Using words like â€Å"delicious dessert† and â€Å"the very best part of every man's fantasy'. I wonder if the advertiser's strategy could have been improved by focusing more on her film's successes and her success as an actress. The product Maxwell was selling was mainly for movies and many of the consumers would have been women. Could some of the more conservative con sumers been turned off by this approach? The ad was still brilliant and effectively used all aspects of persuasion..

Residential Property Managment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Residential Property Managment - Essay Example The studies for compilation may include the payments of mortgage, maintenance and costs of management. Advertising is another consideration wherein writing and inserting a classified ad in the newspaper that includes the mentioning of internet including the details which will be most effective enticing the rent as prospective. The property which was being rented may also handle the cancellation of the ads as well. RPM may provide the professional "For Rent" signing the place at the rental property. The handing out to the prospective tenants with free sheets of vacancy is for the purpose of availing the privilege of touring the vacant homes. The screening of tenant may thoroughly screen all the property replies and tenants' screening to pull the credit report and at the same time verify the employment that includes the income as well as interviewing with the last two landlords for verifying the prospective tenant which was considered a good tenant as well as leaving with the last property rental in its good standing. Much screening of the tenants considerably prospective is a very hard activity but the most important in RPM is the placing of good people into the property of investment. Such early Residential Property Management P 4 personal contact, the tenant may receive the establishment of RPM in terms of good relationship which is also considered as dependable. Maintenance is referring to the answer in terms of the complaints in terms of maintenance as well as arranging with the repair work. Most tenants are having access with the emergency number that is twenty-four (24) hours, whenever there may be problem that may occur in the... This paper approves that maintenance is referring to the answer in terms of the complaints in terms of maintenance as well as arranging with the repair work. Most tenants are having access with the emergency number that is twenty-four hours, whenever there may be problem that may occur in the middle of the night. This is adding security to all the tenants as well as the investor with the property to be watched within twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Regarding inspections the tenant may even check with the property in terms of conducting with a walk which is through the inspection on such property. This is the way of recording the property condition when the said tenant moves in. This essay makesa conclusion that there is right in receiving the rent for the property’s usage and the right may have the property returned with the not damaged at the rental agreement. This should be returned in the same condition which was received that is in exception of the normal wear and tear. In exchange for the rights, this is the responsibility providing that is habitable and making the repairs when needed. The residence is equipped with smoking detector and the provision which is the batteries’ set and at the same time battery operated. The rights may include the peaceful possession wherein the rent of property may be free from such interference. This means that the entrance is in frequent with odd hours that are without the legitimate reason or such without notice. Such typical right may protect for the property with such reasonable inspection making the repairs and showing the property to the possible buyers.

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Infection Control Policy in Australia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Infection Control Policy in Australia - Essay Example The World Health Organization (2003, p.9) highlights that there have been emergencies of dangerous respiratory and other infectious diseases like tuberculosis over the years. Therefore, there is a need to introduce policies for healthcare facilities for the aged to control such infections and their spread. Infection control policy has been defined as the programs and procedures meant to monitor diseases within health care facilities, investigate, prevent and control the spread of such infections and their causes. Infection control policies involve the procedures, which are used in the healthcare facilities, which serve to minimize the spread of any infection to patients and other people. The infection control policy is a health branch of healthcare with a role to prevent healthcare associate’s infections. Hence, infection control policies serve to manage any spread of infections and infectious microorganisms in the healthcare facilities (World Health Organization 2003, p.9). T o ensure that transmission of infections is properly monitored, there is a need to inform the patients, their relatives, healthcare workers and people who are involved in caring for the aged. The Essex Health Protection Unit (2011, p.6) highlights that these policies have been developed for use by proprietors, healthcare personnel and care homes and their implementation helps to ensure that there is efficiency in management of risks associated with infections. Further, implementation of these policies ensures that quality of healthcare for the aged is improved. The World Health Organization (2003, p.12) highlights that infection control policies should have some defining characteristics for it to be effective. The first characteristic of the policy is the operating of systems for control of infections. This means that the policy should have regulations put in place to respond to any cases of infections. Secondly, the policy should have education and training programs for the healthc are personnel who are involved in nursing of the aged. They should be taken through training so that they can be able to understand what is required of them. Thirdly, the healthcare workers should be protected by the policy. The policy should ensure that healthcare workers health is protected through immunization programs and other methods, which promote prevention of infections when working (World Health Organization 2003, p.12). Lastly, the policy should identify potential hazards and ways of minimizing any risks of infections. According to NSW Health (2010, p.10) the main purpose of the policy is to lay down the fundamental principles of controlling infections in the Australian healthcare system. These foundations help the healthcare system to develop policies and procedures that are relevant for their own aged care nursing facilities. Infection control policies purposes can be implemented through either standard precautions or additional precautions (NSW Health 2010, p.3). The p olicy standard precautions are said to apply to all patients at all times irrespective of their health conditions (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence 2012, p.12). The first purpose of the infection control policies is to ensure Standard procedures are followed when dealing with patients. These precautions involve using basic standard healthcare precautions to provide a high degree of protection to the healthcare workers, the aged and people who are exposed to them.

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Captain Vere Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Captain Vere - Essay Example although he felt that Budd’s crime is a result of Caggart’s provocation and false accusations, he placed Budd in trial and eventually chose to hang the man. This is quite similar to Pontius Pilate’s decision as to Jesus. Captain Vere believed too much that law can bring order, and that no one and nothing is above it. As he claimed that his â€Å"vowed responsibility† was to follow the law. Melville states about him: â€Å"however pitilessly that law may operate, (he) adhere(s) to it and administer(s) it† (124). He argues that even if â€Å"Budd neither purposed any mutiny or homicide,† Budd still committed an act against their laws and he needs to be punished as stated by the law, which was death (111). In the light of Captain Vere’s decision, he made a good point. No one and nothing is above the law no matter how innocent the intentions of the accused might be. He justifies his decision by arguing that â€Å"Budd’s intent or non-intent is nothing to the purpose† (108). Captain Vere is clearly an intellectual person who doesn’t like peace to be shattered. Understanding his argument, you can clearly see that he wanted his crew to know that they cannot just strike death to a person without facing its consequences. The law is there to ensure that there will always be order on the ship. If Budd is exonerated, his crew will question the laws he broke. This will shatter the trust, confidence and order on the ship. And this will pose a bigger problem in managing the ship. Captain Vere only adhered to the law because he knew that not imposing the punishment will make his crew question his leadership. What he didn’t think about was how his crew would think about his morals. Captain Vere may have been successful in keeping the ship in strict order. He may have been successful showing his crew that even innocent men, like Budd, he who commits an act against their laws will be punished. He may have shown his crew his tough shell, that no matter how he liked Budd

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Leadership Theories and Their Usefulness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words - 1

Leadership Theories and Their Usefulness - Essay Example This paper illustrates that leadership can be defined as a set of attributes that allow an individual to influence behavior, thoughts, and attitudes of others. Leadership process emphasizes the ability to utilize the valuable resources of a group to accomplish a common goal. Leaders in any organization, groups or community are responsible to set visions as well as create directions to achieve new goals. Leaders must create an image that would be appreciated and followed by others. Over a period of time, researchers have offered a wide range of leadership theories to evaluate the roles, responsibilities, and characteristics of an effective and efficient leadership process. Earlier theories of leadership have mainly considered the leadership attributes as an innate trait or quality of any individual. The Trait and Great man theory of leadership have introduced a set of skills and competencies that are considered as the born qualities and attributes of leaders. The requirement and essen ce of leadership qualities have been changed according to the transformation of business culture, employment relationship and organizational behavior. Due to the changing demand of workplaces, it has been analyzed that good and effective leadership can be learned and developed through experiences, self-study, training and proper education. Researchers have suggested that the leadership style needs to be altered as per the change of organizational situation and work culture. It has also been evaluated that leadership is not only about leading people, it is also about creating a strong relationship with different teams and communities of the organization.  

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Internet Security Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Internet Security - Essay Example The chief purpose of the web security is to inaugurate the rubrics and the procedures that are used in contradiction of the attacks on the internet. Typically, the internet provides an apprehensive channel that is cast-off for swapping data, which hints to high peril of interloping, or deceit. There are different forms that have been established to protect the transfer of data, one of them being encryption. Several forms of web security are being used in this modern generation and have been an improvement from the time the internet was introduced. This paper looks at a form of web security known as the network layer security. There are different layers of communication, which have different stratums of communication and they contain different and unique security challenges. This form of security also known as the layer 3 in the OOSI model is mostly vulnerable for many denials of service attacks and information privacy problems. There are several protocols, which are used in this netw ork layer commonly known as internet protocol (Blaze et al, 1996; Blaze et al, 1999).). In many cases, the standard protocol technique, which is employed by the IPSEC, involves summarizing a coded network layer-packet, which is usually placed on a standard network packet, which normally makes the encryption more vivid to the transitional protuberances, which must process packet headers for the drive of routing. The outgoing data packets are usually legitimate, scrambled, and condensed just afore being delivered to the grid, and inbound packages are decompressed, proved, and decrypted immediately upon delivery (Blaze et al, 1999). The main management in the protocol is usually delivered in simple cases. two hordes can share the key agreements protocols to negotiate the terms with other interested parties, and at the same time use the terms to as part of the condensing and encoding package transmutes (Harkins, & Carrel, 1998). Security network has several advantages as compared to the many applications that are provided in other places in the protocol stack. There are usually several network semantics from the web applications, which take advantage semantically and automatically in the many network layer security and their surroundings. The most significant network layer provides extraordinary tractability, which is not possible at advanced or the lesser intellections. The different codes can be constituted from the various ends in order to safeguard the traffic from the two codes. Moreover, the codes can be configured from, route-to-route in a manner to safeguard the traffic which passes over a certain convention of linkages. In addition, the codes can be encrypted to from edge-to-edge in a manner to protect the traffic since it takes a path between trusted networks through an untrusted network. However, the codes can be used in the manner other arrangements such that the nodes can be branded as proper safety end-points (Stewart, 2002). The design of encapsulat ion has a great advantage over the methods that are used for the fundamental verification and gives out the discretion service as not a theoretically problematic while other grid coat conventions have developed to a certain point of being homogeneous and used for profitable maximization (Fossen, 2003). Conversely, there are problems, which happen with the prevailing values for the system layer securities. The problem is that the network layer securities do not discourse whitest the administration of the whole decorum, which administers the way packets are handled during this process and the clouds of administering encoding the protocols. The security etiquettes shield the packets from interfering though they do not protect the hosts, which are mandated to exchange different kinds of

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What best explains people's willingness to work hard Essay

What best explains people's willingness to work hard - Essay Example anging workplace; motivated employees do not leave when the company is trying to survive in the market, and motivated employees are more productive (ONeil 1994). If the managers want to be effective, they need to understand what drives people work better. It is the complex task and requires the individual approach to every single employee. For example, the research shows that as employees earn more, money becomes less motivating and as they get older the interesting job is of higher value to them. Understanding what motivates people has been analyzed by many theorists. Adam states that employees want to find the balance between themselves and other employees – equity is when employee’s outcomes is equal to inputs and is equal to outcomes of the other employees. Maslow believed that employees have five levels of needs: basic, safety, social, ego and self-actualizing. At first the lower level needs should be satisfied in order for employees to be motivated. Herzberg divid ed motivation into two sections: motivators (achievement, recognition) and hygienes (pay, security). Schein has analyzed motivation from the standpoint of employees and has based his judgment on expectation theory – if the expectations are met, the individual is satisfied and remains in the company while if the expectations are not met, the individual either leaves or deems his expectations as unrealistic or unimportant and stays. McGregor has developed two theories: X and Y describing two different attitudes to workforce motivation and has left it up to managers to decide which one is more appropriate for the given company. Each of these theories has its advantages and disadvantages. Interestingly, Maslow has developed his motivation theory when he observed the behavior of monkey – he noticed that some on the needs take precedence over others. For example, thirst is stronger need than hunger. He continued this idea and created the hierarchy of needs with broader layers: The

Luminultra company Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Luminultra company - Assignment Example stomer traction for LuminUltra technologies may involve internet-marketing techniques such as search engine optimization that is aimed at the targeted segments of the market. This should involve strong highlights of the comparative advantage of these technologies and their levels of effectiveness in providing business solutions across the different categories of the market where they are applicable. Some of the strong selling points that could help in gaining customer traction include the factors of speed, accuracy, and completeness in the process of determining microbiological activity (LuminUltra Technologies, 2004). These attributes should be highlighted in form of providing solutions to challenges associated with alternative forms of technology that operate within the same line of business. For instance, the company should impress on the customers the value of speed and effectiveness in minimizing the levels of risk while also reducing the costs that could have been incurred through alternative systems. Traction could also be gained by showcasing the different areas within which LuminUltra technologies apply. Generally, this could involve such areas as water treatment, biological wastewater treatment, chemical products, and industrial water products. Usually, many customers prefer relying on a single company for business solutions for the sake of convenience and consistency (Sandberg, 2008). In order to overcome the objections of the customers, it might be necessary to provide demonstrations and sufficient pieces of information that illustrate the efficiency in the mechanics involved. Further, the company could establish strategic partnerships with renowned service providers that operate in related, though not entirely similar line of business. Such strategies have proved efficient in winning the confidence of the markets for up-start businesses. Customer objections are usually based on the fear of the unknown. New technologies are often deemed disruptive to

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Global warming Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Global warming - Essay Example (Nebel and Wright) As the industries produce different things, they burn fuel as a result of which pollution is created. The most common outcome of the burning of fuel is carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is one of the members of the green house gases which include water vapors, nitrous oxide and methane as well. These emissions of carbon dioxide raise the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is measured in ppm (parts per million). Greg Craven book, â€Å"What’s the Worst that could happen?† illustrates the planet as a bath tub and shows carbon inflows and outflows. There, the safe level of carbon dioxide is 350 ppm which we have already crossed in 2009. Although the level of carbon dioxide was as low as 280 ppm before the industrial revolution but it then began to increase at an increasing rate and if we keep going like this, it will reach up to 900 ppm in 2100. The prime source of the dangerous carbon dioxide is burning of fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide emissions are measured in gigatons per year (gtc/yr). Although there are other sources as well which even more carbon dioxide but the emissions are cancelled some way or another, like the oceans emit 10 times more carbon than humans but they also absorb massive amounts of it. These green house gases, when present in the atmosphere, trap the heat coming from the sun which otherwise would have been reflected. This leads to a rise in the temperature of the planet and this rise in the temperature is called global warming. Global warming affects many people, plants and animals and those who are unable to tolerate this change die. Global warming nowadays has become a very big problem as it has many adverse effects on living things and the planet. (Craven) There are a lot of reasons to worry about the global warming; some of them are related to individual human beings and some are related collectively to all of us. First of all global warming is causing the snow levels at the northern hemisphere to fall as the temperature there is increasing as well and causing the ice to melt which causes the sea levels to rise. To begin with, the increase in sea level would only be an inch or two. Even a tiny climb in sea levels may well cause flooding troubles for low-lying coastal areas. On the other hand, if the West Antarctic Ice Sheet were to liquefy and fall down into the sea, it would thrust sea levels up 10 meters, and a lot of coastal areas would wholly fade away beneath the sea. According to IPCC, the sea levels rose about 17 centimeters in the 20th century. People may lose their homes and food sources as a result of these floods. (Strickland and Grabianowski) Global warming can also cause different diseases as the temperature becomes hotter it gives rise to the growth of some bacteria especially to those who cannot survive in colder climates like pathogens. In a study, authors examined how increasing temperatures already are letting insec ts and microorganisms overrun regions where they formerly were barred by ruthless recurring chills. They believed that mosquitoes are moving up mountainsides, spreading sickness amongst animals previously sheltered by temperature. They also discovered some pathogens reproduce more frequently in warmer temperatures, so there are comparatively more germs around, to cause infection. Richard S. Ostfeld, an environmental researcher at the