Wednesday, July 24, 2019

American Politics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 3

American Politics - Essay Example It becomes a wonderment for me as to why these people, all of them sometimes even more qualified candidates than the mainstream ones, need to battle every step of the way to get on the ballot. With 50 sets of rules and regulations to meet in every state, these alternative candidates dont have a chance to actually represent themselves in the public vote. In a nation where equality is being touted as the basis of all social and political movements, the presidential election becomes the obvious evidence of how the lip service paid in the name of equality remains just that. More importantly, the way the documentary presented the war between Cobb and Nader in such a way that the mainstream media never covered. Thus presenting a better idea to the public as to how the politics of the presidential election truly works and why these alternative candidates need to be given a chance to voice out their platform on the public stage. Maybe in the future, we will have the united 3rd Party that these alternative candidates seem to be working towards. For this part of the essay, I chose to look at the National Rifle Organization Political Victory Fund which is the NRAs political action committee. The NRA mission objective is quite simple. They wish to protect the 2nd amendment and the peoples right to bear arms. A cause that has caused a nationwide controversy with the rising rate of gun related deaths over the past years. The political action committee uses the website to provide those interested with information about the organization and offer them an opportunity to participate in protecting their constitutionally protected 2nd amendment rights. The organization also explains how writing to your representatives during critical moments of gun control legislation could actually become the trigger that prevents a law banning the right to bear arms from being passed. It is because of their mission

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