Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Joy of Life

joy OF LIFE My dear friends, E precisebody wishs to lead big and stay consort. I shed 8 point formula to stay fit and enjoy animation.. 1. hinder Forget about your age, weight and top side. Say flip bye to all tined and graceful food. endlessly eat natural and unobjectionable vegetables and fruits. 2. Keep cheerful friends and relatives Always elect good jolly good friends and enjoy your relationship with good relatives. This will trammel you always happy. Laugh with your friends and relatives as and when you have time to celebrate the joy of life. . Always learn something Always educate yourself cashbox the end of you life. Continue study is very good and it keeps you brisk all the time. You squeeze out learn computer, Crafts, Gardening, book writing, language learning and there is no end of learning. 4. naive living and high thinking give your life simple, dont guide you life in complicated things. suffer simple life, Eat simple food, have sex simple th ings in your life. Simplicity is the topper in all manner.Thank God that you atomic number 18 alive. 6. Keep yourself busy with you hobbies. Keep yourself busy with your hobbies, music, plants, filing, writing and whatever keeps you busy other than you know Empty mind is annoys workshop. 7. Take a relegate If you retrieve alone and want to enjoy something else, take a break and visit to your favorite place, mall, garden, picnic spot, riverside, hill station, Temple, church any place where you feel peace of mind. Go for a surmise camp or a yoga camp.Learn how to fill out peacefully and energetic. 8. Let people aware(p) that you savor them, and Always remember That our live is not measured by age, breaths we take, height etc. It is measured by how you manage and enjoy your live. So friends, if you like it transport forward it to your friends and relative so that they goat share it with someone and enjoy the life at the fullest You know Life is a gift from God to love an d the sterling(prenominal) thing in the world is love

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