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Technical writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Technical writing - Essay Example Therefore, the purpose of this memo is to provide information about the influence of the Japan’s business culture and negotiation styles on business. Despite the recent changes in the Japanese business culture, the Japanese negotiation style remains the most distinctive in the world. It is far different from negotiation styles in Japan’s closest neighbors such as Taiwan and Korea. Japanese executives adopt a subtle, low key bargaining, contrary to the typical aggressive haggling of Chinese and Korean business executives (Hodgson, Sano and Graham 39). This poses challenges in doing business because, Japanese tend to be slower and more deliberate in making concessions (Nishiyama 102). This takes a long time in making business decisions for the parties involved. Other challenges arise because of the Japanese’s retreat into vague statements or silence when there are complications, making of frequent referrals to the head office or superiors, and their nonverbal behav iors that are complex and confusing (Nishiyama 102). The memo has been written in this chosen arrangement technique because of its purpose. Being an informative memo, provision of information and details about Japan’s corporate culture and negotiation styles and how they pose challenges to doing business in Japan is the core function of this memo. ... Part B: A Report on the Challenges Associated with doing Business in Japan The major challenges that are associated with doing business in Japan are embedded in the country’s corporate culture and language. First, when one goes to do business in Japan, he or she faces challenges of acceptance. The Japanese does not accept foreigners readily and take them as their own as is the case in other countries. This creates a challenge in developing, and maintaining effective business relations within the Japanese system. Another challenge stems from how male Japanese relates with females. For instance, male Japanese executives have no experience in dealing with female managers, and have little or no protocol of doing so (Mente 79). Therefore, females doing business in Japan faces difficulties because some Japanese tends to believe that women are not meant to be business managers in the first place. The Japanese market is a difficult market. There are significant challenges associated w ith entry to the Japanese market, which is extremely expensive and time consuming. In some cases, it may be absolutely impossible to break into the distribution channels for certain products. This is because these channels are tightly knit that no foreigner can penetrate them (Mente 42). Inability to break into these channels has nothing to do with prices or product salability, but it is linked to the strong relationships between Japanese manufacturers, retailers and manufacturers. Unique culture and difficulty Japanese language creates significant challenges in doing business. Language barrier and misunderstanding of culture lead to miscommunication and misunderstanding (Haghirian 55). The

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