Saturday, July 27, 2019

Humanitarian interventions can only be strong states's strategies, Term Paper

Humanitarian interventions can only be strong states's strategies, discuss - Term Paper Example the front, with examples such as liberation of Iraq from dictatorial rule, which was successful after the US military managed to apprehend the then president Saddam Hussein (Chomsky 2007 p 30). It has also been in the forefront to restore democracy as well as suppressing armed militia for example in Somalia during the first battle of Mogadishu, invasion in Afghanistan among others. As it is today, the global economy depends highly on peace especially due to the various international trade organizations in place and hence, any country which may seem to jeopardize growth as a result of war and oppressive leadership should be made to account for its own short comings. These interventions however, should not be based on the greed to serve personal vendettas but for the common good of preserving humanity. This essay is a critical evaluation on humanitarian intervention, supporting the idea that they can only be successful if conducted by strong states, citing examples of successes and fai lures mostly from the US perspective. Humanitarian interventions as discussed herein, involves exercising liberty to disregard the sovereignty of a country with a genuine reason in order to protect the rights of the citizens as the understanding of international customary law dictates (Nye 2008 p 66). Many citizens continue to die as a result of power hungry politicians, who are willing and able to kill their fellow country men for them to remain in power. In defense, rebel movements especially in the third world countries continue to emerge resulting to more deaths and destruction of property. The Iraq government for example under the watch of president Saddam did not only pose a great threat to its neighbors such as Iran and Kuwait but also to its own citizens, who faced brutality from security forces, especially those who dared to criticize his rule. It is estimated that 300000 Iraqis died as a result of atrocities committed against them by Saddam’s regime. Most of these victims

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